Saturday, January 7, 2012

Austin, Frederick Alfred Benjamin

Frederick Alfred Benjamin Austin
Frederick Street

Electoral Rolls
Frederick Alfred Benjamin Austin, 73 Dundas street, Dunedin, photographer.
1905-1906 - Dunedin North, Otago

Frederick Alfred Benjamin Austin, 919 Cumberland Street, Dunedin, photographer
1911 - Dunedin North, Otago

Frederick Alfred Benjamin Austin, 28 St James Street, North-East Valley, Dunedin, photographer
1914 - Dunedin North, Otago


Cathy said...

Just discovered this blog, and wow, I am so impressed that you have taken the time to research these early photographers. I volunteer for a small museum in Southland and we have lots of old photographs bearing some of the names you've written about. Your posts bring these people to life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. : )

Early Canterbury Photography said...

thank you Cathy

antipodean said...

This is an excellent resource on early photographers. Thank you. Do you know any of the history of Ernest Edward Bradbury who produced "Bradbury's Illustrated Series", early travel guides?

Early Canterbury Photography said...

Hello, sorry I don't know anything about Ernest Edward Bradbury, although I do see from that he was a journalist and perhaps previously a solicitor in Auckland.

Birth, Deaths and Marriages online index shows he died about 1955 aged 86.(no. 1955/20492)

Was he a relative of yours?

antipodean said...

Yes he was my great grandfather. He travelled widely taking photographs and researching for his series of guides. They were published by his own publishing company E. Bradbury and Company. I have deposited his glass plate images in the library of the Auckland War Memorial Museum, where some of them can be viewed. They are mostly town and landscape scenes from about 1900 until 1940. The booklets are also held in the library and hold photographs by other early photographers such as Caisley, Iles, Firth, Meers and Talma. The earliest dated booklets I have are from 1915.
I am writing a few words about him for the library and also the Albertland 150th celebrations taking place in April. Ernest was born and spent his early years there. So if you or anyone has any information to add I would be grateful.
Best wishes, Robyn